Middle age in Lecco

Azzone Visconti bridge in the ‘600 years

Induno painting of Pescarenico wiev


Pescarenico under the snow

Lake of Como area is rich of historical cookery tradition and “missoltino” is one of the most renowned dish of this area. Missoltino has been protagonist in “manzoniani “places and it was one of tha most poor dish of that age.

Misultit is plural of missoltino, term of larian dialect as people of this area are used to call this product.In the surrounding area missoltino is called agone. New generation of young people are often interested to know more information about it,as in summer time there are lot of events as festivals of missoltino with thousand and thousand people taking part.

Since XIX century exists some legends about missoltino. For example the one of Miss Holdin, a tourist from sweden who came to lake Como and while she was guest of a fisherman’s family.She taught this kind of tachnical preservation.

Nowadays missoltino (agone) is included within typical foods of Lombardia region and protectd by Como province.In the past it was basically the food of the people living by the lake as main nutrition form of those times. Thanks to Lombardia region we can still enjoy this product through a strict fishing season discipline.

The fishing time is very important for this fish,otherwise the flavour would be surely compromised.