Nourishment (per portions)

Energy(kcal) 665
Protein(g) 28,1
Lipids(g) 27,7
Glucides(g) 80,9
Sodium(mg) 231

Preparation of 6 portions
Typology: fish
Seasonal: all year long
Difficulty: modest
Cooking time: 10 min grilled
Tools: meat pounder, trencher, plate
MISSOLTINI (n. 12;800 gr.) minced parsley (2 spoons), extra virgin-oil (6 spoons), aromatic vinegar (6 spoons) roasted pudding-corn, (6 slices, 600g.)

(Prepare a pudding-corn, to slice)
• rinse the missoltini in tepid water with vinegar to remove the excess of salt and solidified fat
• light press the missoltini with the meat pounder on the trencher
• set up on the hot grate the fish
• grill for few minutes (8/10 minutes)
• remove the scales with a knife
• set up on the plate,strew with minced parsley, vinegar and oil
• serve with grilled pudding-corn slices


It’s necessary to cut the scales after grill, practising a light pressure with a knife. The missoltini can be buyed in every food shops, markets, fish-market, etc.. etc.. or enjoyed in the best restaurants of lake Como and Milano area too.
Improper manufacturing of the product can compromise the quality of the it. Drying, pressing and dripping oil process are very important for the final result.

Fresh agone in the Renaissance was cooked with eggs and pomegranate juice.
Nowadays the agone is often cooked with white flour fried with butter and sage.

Wine is well-advised beverege to match with fish...expecially new red wine in winter or white wine in summer..

Warm up on the grill and flavour it with oil and vinegar.
Prepare a minced of garlic and parsley and lye it there for 24 hours,then serve it as hors-d’ouvre.
It’s also possible to match missoltini with a minced of raw onions and cooked beans.
To delicate palate it is suggested to immerse the product in to a part of milk for hours,grilled with roasted pudding-corn and flavour with sunflower oil and balsamic Modena’s vinegar.

Agoni with parsley and garlic
Grill on a pan and flavour with olive-oil strew with parsley and garlic minced.

Agoni with white raw onion or borlotti beans
Grill on a pan and flavour with olive-oil strew with raw onion minced and borlotti beans

Agoni with oil and vinegar

Grill on a pan and flavour with sunflower oil or olive-oil and vinegar.

Agoni with tomato-sauce or rise

Grill on a pan, prepare a browned onions with fresh tomatoes and join it together with ise,then dust with red chilly pepper.