Missoltini are a kind of fish food preserve “called salted and dry agoni”,typical of lake Como,the name is given because of salt.The most favoured missoltini are avalaible in may and october.This product is nowadays a special product of our gastronimy, mainly matched with pudding-corn and rich of starchy vitamins, exellent for diets.
Misultin Store firm is specialized from 30 years to give the best quality of this product though the distribution of Italy in market places of dryed fish.

The missoltino (misultit in dialect form) is an historical tradition handed on from father to son,from more than 100 years.Day by day we transformed this product in to an important local cookery.Tradition and quality can’t stay without technology and sanitary measures,in fact our products are daily controlled to guarantee the best of genuineness starting from the first and very important step called fresh fish.Fish comes every day during the fishing time straight from Como or Garda lake to our firm,following the HACCP manual till the end of the manifacturing.
The missoltino( alosa finta lacustris) belongs to “alosa” and “clupeid” family.The fishing time is banishmented traditionally from the “middle age” in the months of june and july with different technics(fishing-net,verge,artificial bait,etc..etc..).

To became “MISSOLTINO” the fish is manufacted in several operations:at first the fish is cleaned off from the entrails called (curada),rubbed in salt and then deposited in a large steel inox boxes.Every 12 hours they must be controlled mixed for few days.The salt quantity is critical and important for the result of the product.After 2 days they must be washed to be ready for the drying process.It takes few days to be ready.They must be in a special oven with an uniformed temperature inside.After this process the fish is ready to be arranged in a little circular boxes called”MISOLTA”.Originally the misolta was made of wood and the fish was pressed with a light strenght to get out oil and its natural fat...This process is typical and exclusive handycraft.

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